Superannuation Warehouse is an accounting firm and do no provide any financial advice. All information provided on this page has been prepared without taking into account of the Trustee’s investment objectives, financial situation or needs. The purpose of this page is to introduce Trustees to the different types of financial advice in the market.

What is robo advice

Robo advice is financial advice given to clients online with minimal or no human intervention. Clients are provided with the optimum investment portfolio generated by the robo advicer.

How robo advice is generated

Clients seeking robo advice are required to answer a series of questions online. The questions can include income, expenses, assets, investment objectives etc. Through the questions, the robo advice software assess the client’s investment risk profile and come up with the optimum investment plan for the client. The client also has the responsibility to ensure that their information on the robo advice software is up to date so that the robo advice provided still fits the client’s needs.

Fees required to obtain robo advice

Generally, a lower fee is required to obtain robo advice as compared to obtaining traditional financial advice as minimum human intervention is required. Client may be charged a subscription fee for ongoing service, such as monthly newsletter fees for updating their investment plans.

One example of a robo adviser is Six Park. For more information on Six Park, please click on the link below:

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