What does Superannuation Warehouse do?

We are accounting & taxation professionals specialising in SMSF’s. We set up SMSF’s for a fee and perform the annual accounting, tax and compliance duties for your SMSF.

What makes Superannuation Warehouse different?

We provide a premium service at a monthly low, fixed price. This enables you to run a SMSF with a relatively low balance. It also allows you to better budget for fees in your Fund as our fees are fixed.

Is my money safe?

Yes. We don’t handle your funds. As the Trustee of your Fund, you control your own funds and decide where to invest.

Special Trustee requirements?

When investing in shares, we prefer that each Beneficiary have a seperate account. This makes administration easier and more efficient, especially when a member enters retirement phase or exits the SMSF. This choice, however, rest with the Trustees.

Do I have to use a Financial Planner?

To operate and run a SMSF you do not need a financial planner. To buy shares, open up a bank account or invest in property, you also do not need a planner. However, to open up some investment accounts (e.g. a Separate Managed Account), you may need to do this through a financial planner. As Superannuation Warehouse is not a Financial Planner, we can’t perform this function.

What if I want to close down the SMSF?

You can wind down the SMSF and transfer you Super balance to a retail fund or another SMSF. Or you can transfer your SMSF to another administrator or accountant (we work hard to make sure you don’t). As you are the Trustees responsible for the SMSF, the choice how to administer the Fund and who to use as service provider rest with you.

What about insurance?

We do not have a preferred insurance provider. You can pay life insurance premiums from your SMSF, similar to what is done by retail super funds. A good option is to keep part of your Superannuation balance with an Industry Super Fund as they offer very low premiums on the group rates they negotiate.

Can I claim the Government Co-Contribution in my SMSF and how do I claim the Co-Contribution?

Short answer – you do not have to do anything, you will receive the co-cont directly from the ATO.

Long answer – When we set up a SMSF, we note your names and TFN’s as Members of the SMSF. So the ATO knows by the TFN who the members are. Once you submitted your personal tax return, the ATO knows what your personal income is. It then looks for personal Superannuation Contributions from the SMSF tax return. This is also set out per member in the tax return with an ABN. The ATO then matches up these 2 returns. If you are eligible for the co-contribution, they will pay you. So its in your best interest to submit your personal tax return and the SMSF tax return ASAP so you receive the co-contribution. Lastly, the ATO will send you a cheque for this co-contribution. If the SMSF bank details are entered on the Tax Office system for your SMSF, the ATO will deposit the co-contribution into your bank and send you an advice. So if you want Superannuation Warehouse to link up your bank account to the SMSF Tax Account, send us the bank accout details and we will set it up.

Can I use my Super to invest in a property?

Yes you can. See the section on Property investment explaining how to borrow in your SMSF for property investments.

Is SMSF right for me?

Read what the ATO says on SMSF’s and you will see this is a great option.http://www.ato.gov.au/content/downloads/spr00182491n72579.pdf

What is a Separate Managed Account?

Separate Managed Account is similar to a Managed Fund but direct shares are allocated to each investor. You receive dividends and imputation credits. BlackRock is the biggest provider in this field, but there are 16 providers in the Australian market.

This is a great offering that allows you to invest via model managers and hold direct shares. Dividends will accrue directly to your SMSF. This presents tax advantages when compared to traditional managed funds and the costs are also low and transparent.

More info on the Separate Managed Account offering by BlackRock:

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