BGL Simple Fund 360

BGL Simple Fund 360 is a cloud-based SMSF accounting system where Trustees can log on to their accounts from any smartphone, tablet or PC and view their SMSF balance. With BGL 360, transactions are automatically allocated from live data feeds from BGL’s supported service providers such as banks and brokers.

How BGL Simple Fund 360 Online Access works

Simple Fund 360 stores all your SMSF data in the cloud. It requires no installation and no set-up cost. To view your SMSF’s activities and allocate transactions, you just need to log in to your account online using any device, from anywhere, at any time. Simple Fund 360 can be linked to your SMSF bank accounts and the broker accounts to get daily updates on your SMSF balance.

Why choose Simple Fund 360?

  • Industry-leading financial, member and investment reporting.
  • Provides text report templates that can be used and edited in Microsoft Word.
  • All documents generated by Simple Fund 360 are stored and organised in the document store.
  • Electronic digital signing technology is used to reduce administrative paperwork.
  • You can continue accessing your data at any time up to 5 years after cancelling your subscription.
  • Graphs and charts provide Fund Members with a visual representation of investments and Member balances.

For more information on the monthly pricing of Simple Fund 360, please see our fee schedule.

Please see below BGL 360 introductory webinar for new subscribers of the BGL 360 product range:

For more information on how BGL Simple Fund 360 can assist you in operating your SMSF, please refer to this page.

If Trustees would like to register or apply for the BGL Simple Fund 360 product demo, please refer to this link.

To guide the Trustees throughout the year end process, we provide a detailed webpage on what is required to complete the SMSF’s annual return.

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